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0300 123 1 567

About Radian Support

Radian no longer provides Care and Support Services. Our Care and Support Services have been transferred to new providers for whom contact details are as follows:

  • For our Bracknell, Buckinghamshire, Slough and Wokingham services please call
       Hightown Housing Association on 01442 292 300

  • For the Queenswood Road Scheme please call Estocare on 01753 424464.

  • For the Mokkatam Scheme please call Optalis on 0118 977 8600.


For anything else please call 01753 747372, leave a message, and a member of the Radian Support team will get back to you as soon as possible. 



Radian Lifelink can help you continue to live independently

There's a variety of Lifelink sensors to meet your needs, including:

  • Medication Prompt – ensures that the correct dosage is taken at the right time
  • Fall detector – keeps track of people with balance issues
  • Heat sensor – senses if the oven or hob has accidently been left on
  • Flood detector – avoid unnecessary water damage in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Movement detector – can be used for activity and inactivity
  • Bogus caller button – raises the alarm on unwanted callers

How does Radian Lifelink work?

You carry a pendant around your neck, wrist or clipped to your clothing. With the simple push of a button one of our friendly, specially trained operators will take the appropriate action to ensure your wellbeing.

Photograph of a Radian Lifelink user and carer

We all want to live securely, independently and with peace of mind.

  • 99% would recommend Lifelink to friends and family
  • 99% are happy with the service
  • 100% said we are helpful and courteous

Source 2013 customer survey

"I call Mum and Dad everyday to say hello, I know that Lifelink will call if they really need me."

At home and in the garden we can offer you continued independence and safety

For many gardening is one of life’s great pleasures and with Radian Lifelink there is no reason why you and your garden cannot continue to thrive.

Call 01730 236900 to find out how we can help you continue to live your life independently and safely.

"Living in my own home is wonderful and the Lifelink service means I remain safe and secure."

Many people may find, due to age, disability, or even a short-term illness, that it is vital to have someone trustworthy, caring and professional that they can contact quickly and easily in an emergency.

Lifelink is easy to install, and simple to operate.  It consists of a base unit, which is connected to a telephone and power point, and is supplied with a radio transmitter pendant, that can be worn on wrist strap or clip or pendant around the neck. In the event of an emergency the pendant is activated and the call is transferred to a control centre, and the control centre will then contact the key-holders.

The Lifelink service provides a service for around 500 customers in the East Hants and surrounding areas. We currently provide two levels of service -  the standard and premier service.

  • Standard service is where the client will provide 3 key-holders who in the event of an emergency call respond to that call.
  • Premier service is where the emergency responses are made up from the team of sheltered housing managers, who will respond to the call and access the property with the aid of a key-safe that would have fitted at the time of installation. The nearest person to the customer would be the first response, and a standby service would be called upon out of working hours.

The Lifeline option gives freedom for the customer to be able to live independently knowing that help is just at the touch of a button.

Call Radian Lifelink on 01730 236900 or email