Why Get Involved

Getting involved is your chance to:

  • make sure you’re getting the services you pay for
  • take positive steps to sort out problems where you live
  • develop new skills, knowledge and experience to boost your chances of finding paid work
  • take advantage of the training and support we offer, some of which is accredited
  • get any out of pocket expenses paid (such as travel or childcare)
  • meet like-minded people and share your skills with others
  • and have fun whilst keeping your mind and body active.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please email Get.involved@radian.co.uk

You can find out more about the impact we had in our communities last year by reading our Community Impact 2018 report which highlights some of the successes of our resident involvement from the last year.

We also support a number of local community groups in areas we have properties. If you run a community group or voluntary organisation that supports our residents we may be able to help you by providing advice and support. Please contact us on 0300 123 1 567 for more information.

How can we help?