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Please note – online repairs reporting is currently unavailable within the MyRadian portal. To report a repair please call 0300 123 1 567. 

As the risk of spreading the coronavirus continues, we are doing all we can to keep all our customers and colleagues as safe as possible. Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced the government’s plans on getting the UK out of lockdown and we continue to follow their advice along with guidelines from the NHS and Public Health England.

We are still running our reduced, critical care service only and are carrying out customer contact digitally or over the phone. However, from 11 May 2020, you might see some of our vans out and about a bit more.

In line with most organisations, we’re starting to think about how we manage our services when we come out of lockdown, we want to make access to our services happen as quickly and as safely as possible, and there are a few things we are able to start working on safely, to prepare us for that.

Whilst most of us are staying at home, some vulnerable people haven’t got a safe place to go, this could be a homeless person, someone fleeing from domestic abuse or someone who may have been released from hospital or prison. We want to support these people with a safe place to call home; they are not only at risk in their own circumstances but are being put at risk of contracting the coronavirus or spreading it.

That’s why, in line with government advice, we are going to start to carry out essential lettings and work on our empty properties to make them habitable for vulnerable people to move into as soon as they need it. When we work, we will still follow social distancing rules and increase our cleaning of areas to keep you, our colleagues and all our customers who need us safe.

We also want our current properties to stay in good condition and to do this , and to reduce the amount of work we will have to do when we come out of lockdown, we’re going to start to carry out some grounds maintenance too, this means clearing bulk rubbish, litter picking and grass and hedge cutting. This will look a little different to normal as we follow social distancing rules and government advice on working practices when carrying out this work to keep everyone safe. The service may run on a longer schedule and moderate standard until we have caught up. We will be monitoring the grounds maintenance to get back to full service while working in our ‘new normal’.

If you have any questions about our services at this time or how we are keeping you and our colleagues safe please contact us.

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