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For customers who have access to our repairs service, we understand this is incredibly important to you and are working as quickly as we can to restart this. We are planning a phased approach to reintroduce repairs services again in a safe way for our customers and colleagues.

We will continue to carry out our critical repairs (significant water leaks, electrical outages and gas leaks) as well as gas servicing and any other health and safety related repairs to ensure our customers safety.

For everyone’s safety, until September at least, we will only carry out external repairs, those that will take less than one hour to complete or are critical, to minimise the amount of time spent in your home and to maintain social distancing.

We aim to begin to tackle the list of repairs that we had to cancel due to lockdown in July, and then turn on our full repairs service in September if government restrictions and safety precautions allow us.

On 11 June, we started to contact anyone who had a repair cancelled when we went into lockdown. This is to check whether customers still need the repair. If it’s still needed, and will take less than one hour to complete or is external, you will be offered an appointment from 1 July onwards either over the phone, or through a text from us when you are able to book an appointment for your repair on our portal.

For any new repairs, you will be able to report these to us online or over the phone from 1 July.

From 1 August, we will allow appointments to be booked for external or communal repairs or those that will take less than one hour to complete inside homes.

From 1 September, we will allow appointments for all other repairs, including those that could not be booked earlier because they will take over an hour to complete.

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