Ending Your Tenancy

If you decide that you want to end your tenancy, you must ensure that this is carried out correctly and legally. Your tenancy agreement will give you details of how many weeks you must give before you can end your tenancy. This is normally four weeks for ‘general needs’, ending on a Sunday. If your home is ‘market’ or ‘intermediate’ rent, the notice period may be longer so please check your tenancy agreement for the period of notice. If you do not have your tenancy agreement, please contact us for details.

Please contact us for the relevant documentation, including forms, by calling 0300 123 1 567 or emailing radiandirect@radian.co.uk. Alternatively you can print the forms below.


What will happen after we receive your tenancy notice?

When we have received the completed form we will arrange an appointment to visit you at home to discuss ending your tenancy with you. We will identify any repairs that you need to carry out before you hand back your keys.

Please remember that:

  • If you do not carry out repairs we will carry out the work for you and charge you the cost. We will inform you of the likely cost of us doing the repairs in writing.
  • All rent, service charges and any other money owed to us, must be paid up to the end of the tenancy.
  • The property must be left as per the Vacation Standard.
  • We will ask permission to dispose of any furniture/effects including rubbish. We may recharge you the cost of this.
  • We will need a forwarding address for you.
  • All keys must be returned by 12 noon on the Monday immediately after the last date of the tenancy. If the keys are not returned on time, you will be charged for use and occupation of the property up until the Monday following the return of the keys. This will be charged at the rate of the current weekly rent for each week until the keys are returned, and will not be eligible for housing benefit.

End of tenancy documents - Radian tenancies

You can download copies of our End of Tenancy notices for Radian tenancies below:

End of tenancy documents - Radian Homes

You can download copies of our End of Tenancy notices for Radian Homes rental properties below:

End of tenancy documents - SMART

You can download copies of our End of Tenancy notices for SMART rental properties below:

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