Our service commitment

We work hard to make your neighbourhood a safe and nice place for you to live. Your Neighbourhood Team undertake regular Estate and Block Inspections in order to identify any issues and resolve any problems.


What is an Estate Inspection?

An estate inspection is an inspection of an area usually containing a few roads which is carried out by the Neighbourhood Officer. Regular inspections are carried out of all estates where there are no internal communal areas.

During the inspections we are looking for things such as:

  • Abandoned, untaxed or dangerous vehicles
  • Graffiti
  • Flytipping


Communal Block Inspections

Where a block contains a communal area, your Neighbourhood Officer or a Fire Risk Assessment Estate Warden will visit every month to carry out a safety inspection.

During the inspection we are checking that:

  • All lights including emergency lighting are working
  • All escape routes are clear
  • Doors, windows and staircases are in good condition


As well as the routine inspections, Neighbourhood Officers also deal with complaints about the behaviour of residents pets, and undertake tenancy audits to ensure the right people are living in our properties.

We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our open spaces and communal areas. Communal areas will include:

  • Drying area
  • Car parks
  • Footpaths
  • Communal areas of blocks of flats
  • Communal cycle stores
  • Communal bin areas
  • Any communal grassed areas and shrub beds


We carry out monthly inspections on communal areas of all our blocks to ensure that they are safe and we carry out quarterly inspections in all of our external communal areas. Where possible, we carry out annual inspections of the areas where we have one off properties.

We use the Housemark Estate Service Photobook as a guide when carrying out these inspections.


Service Charges

As well as keeping the homes we provide at a high standard, Radian also pride ourselves on ensuring shared areas whether open spaces or those inside blocks are also well maintained.

Service charges are paid by residents as part of their rent towards the cost of services provided by Radian such as:

  • Grounds maintenance of open spaces
  • Cleaning in shared areas such as stairwells or bin stores
  • Lighting in shared areas such as car parks and stairwells


Grounds Maintenance

Radian maintains a number of open spaces and communal gardens including grassed areas, shrub beds and trees to provide attractive, clean and tidy areas.

The standards we commit to in Avon, Rother and Solent are set out below.

Grass is cut as required and edges strimmed or sprayed (subject to weather conditions).

Hedges are cut or pruned to ensure pathways, parking areas, windows, doorways and entrances are kept clear.

Shrub beds are pruned and cut back to avoid obstructing windows, paths, doorways, fire escapes, alleyways and parking areas.

Litter picking of grass, shrub beds, paths and car park areas will take place as required.

Paths and hard landscaped areas will be swept as needed to remove spilt mulch, grass clippings and fallen leaves. Weed-killing to hard surfaces is carried out as and when required.

Tree works are done on request. We do all we can to protect trees in our ownership and will need to make a detailed assessment of the tree’s condition. We will also seek permissions from the local authority in relation to work to trees with Tree Preservation Orders.

Bulk rubbish is removed as necessary however this service is charged to your service charge unless we are able to identify who has left the rubbish.


Every year we will make 20 visits to all the areas we are responsible for with all sheltered and market rent sites being visited 24 times.

Slightly different specifications are used in both Thames and Longwood Park as the service in these areas is undertaken by an external contractor.


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