Slough Food Bank supporting the community using our Wellbeing Wagon

We’re proud to be able to support local organisations in any way possible during these difficult times. While in the past, our Wellbeing Wagon has been used to visit communities and provide health and wellbeing support in our communities, it is now being put to fantastic use by Slough Foodbank.

The Wellbeing Wagon has been loaned to Slough Foodbank for them to maximise pickup and delivery of food supply from their warehouse. The Foodbank will be using the Wellbeing Wagon for a 3-month loan period to help support running of their service in the community of Slough.

“These are definitely unprecedented times and Slough Foodbank is needed more than ever. We have had to adapt and react quickly, with our aim continuing to be to give food parcels to those in need, whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe.

I have been amazed and touched by the overwhelming positive responses we have received. We’re extremely grateful to Radian for providing a van to help get vital food packages from our warehouse to our distribution centres, as well as their financial support which is helping us to purchase food. We are currently running out of some of our provisions as donations of food and toiletries are significantly down due to the shopping restrictions in place on items and people. So, this support is really making a difference.

Sadly, we are seeing a significant increase in demand for our services but it’s great to be able to pull together during a time like this and ensure we continue to help those in food poverty in the Slough area. ”

Sue Sibany-King, Foodbank Manager