Solar lights and eco-friendly pens: how we are committed to making our business more sustainable

It’s World Earth Day, an annual opportunity to asses our individual and group commitments to protecting the planet. As a large business operating across several offices, we are focused on ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimal and positive.

Our Facilities team are making incremental changes to the organisation, in conversation with our colleagues, to become a more sustainable business and, ultimately, help the environment to thrive.

We are currently in the process of rolling out small but essential changes around our offices while looking at the bigger picture of our impact as a whole. The steps we are taking to become more environmentally-friendly include:

We will continue to review the areas where we are able to impact positive change, consulting our colleagues along the way to better understand their needs, and how we can meet them in a more sustainable way. Facilities are also working with our Communications team to deliver engaging education pieces on best practice when it comes to recycling.

Together, we will be more sustainable.