Your organisation is only as strong as your people, so listen to them

Meaningfully engaging with staff, giving them ownership of organisational decision making and actioning changes from their feedback, is the best way to motivate a team.

With more than 850 people in our organisation, there are many fantastic ideas and recommendations that could easily go unnoticed.

In large organisations it’s often easy for management to get tunnel vision, only seeing and hearing a fraction of what the wider team can offer.

That’s why last year we implemented a regular all-company survey that seeks anonymous feedback from staff.

It’s designed to seek feedback on measures like opportunities for growth, levels of motivation, renumeration packages, workloads and understanding of the company vision.

It allows us to see what’s working well and, conversely, what can be improved. Managers are then tasked with investigating where change is required.

Taking this engagement process a step further, rather than simply deciding what action will be taken, we hold team workshops on specific points raised.

These sessions often uncover further insights, ideas and recommendations.

As a result of these workshops, we’ve already made changes to the survey, adding new questions, changing who can review the results and making sure that it can be completed on a mobile phone app.

We’ve already found this approach has significantly increased staff engagement – almost 90% responded to our last survey with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 51, whilst only six months ago participation was approximately 53%, and our NPS a low 22.

However, this steep increase has coincided with the arrival of our new CEO, Gary Orr, and an all employee conference which shaped the future of Radian.

We’re now focused on increasing this figure further.

We’re looking at creative ways we can highlight the changes made to the organisation thanks to staff feedback, and a large part of our next all-company conference will be focused on these highlights.

– Carlene Leonard, Assistant Director of Communications