Supporting the creation of thriving communities and adding value to the local economy

As a group we remain committed to listening, supporting and funding the communities we operate in and this week we have announced our continued investment in the south and south west of England.

Following thorough research and customer consultation, we have identified initial areas that we will proactively support across 2020-2025, alongside our continued commitment to help communities to thrive.

We will also champion diverse and multi-cultural communities and ensure that every person has equal opportunity. We will strive to create opportunities for everyone and achieving equality will be at the core of our work in the community.

In the next five years we will provide an increased focus on providing pathways into sustainable employment, promoting community empowerment and supporting health and wellbeing. As we all face the challenges posed by COVID-19, our mission to respond proactively remains the same and in order to provide relevant support we will combine our resources and work with our partners to keep communities thriving.

Our investment in the community underpins our core purpose as a housing provider: to provide safe, warm homes for as many people as possible, and create thriving communities too. We are invested long-term and committed to place shaping, this purpose combined with our broad knowledge of the communities we serve, will allow us to impact positive change that directly benefits individuals and families.

In the next five years we will build on existing partnerships and cultivate new ones with local services, governments and agencies to promote lasting resilience and increase opportunities.