Taking care of your wellbeing

We understand the importance of a happy and healthy mind and body and want to support you in feeling your very best.

Our Community Involvement team work year-round to support you with different opportunities for fun engagement projects, and as the winter months roll in we thought we would provide some helpful tips and tools for supporting your wellbeing.

Access to free service

There are lots of free and confidential services available for your use, including Mind and Samaritans, which feature a whole bunch of tips on how to support your mental health. Resources like This Girl Can and Men’s Health are also great as they provide info on different ways to get fit and active, helping you to feel your best mentally and physically.

Take to the page

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be really therapeutic and help clear your mind if you’re feeling a bit bogged down.

Talk to someone

When you aren’t feeling your best, it can be tough to reach out and talk to someone, but it’s super helpful and can help you cope with the issues you’re experiencing. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, counsellor or family member, there are people out there who care for you and want to see you thrive.

Get active

We know that when you aren’t feeling 100% the thought of being active (and exercise in general) is unappealing. However, research has shown that walking, running and everything in between is a great way to boost endorphins and support your wellbeing. Whether it’s twenty minutes around the field on your break or a morning walk, any type of activity can help.

Take time to rest

We all lead busy lives so it’s really important to take time for yourself. Whether it’s a quiet weekend watching films and reading or just ensuring you get a good sleep, make sure you take time for you – it will pay off!