Technology is really changing the way housing associations work

Head of IT, Ian Butcher, discusses that latest developments and why it’s an exciting time to work in Radian’s IT team…


Embracing modern ways of working

In the 18 years I’ve been working as an IT practitioner for housing associations, I think it’s fair to say the sector recognised that it was perceived as being a little behind the times when it came to how it used technology.

But I find it hugely exciting that many housing associations have now embarked on major transformation journeys to modernise their systems, embracing some really cutting-edge technology in the process.

We’re now seeing a lot of innovative activity happening in the sector and certainly at Radian we’re looking at how we can make best use of new technology all the time.


Smarter homes

For example, housing associations are looking at opportunities with the internet of things, which has major potential to integrate with the services we typically offer.

Technology such as smart-boilers or smart-temperature sensors that can recognise a drop in pressure, allowing repair systems to automatically despatch a plumber or electrician to the affected home, is very exciting. Imagine how this could streamline the customer experience, not to mention the time and money it could save.

There’s also been some recent testing within the sector with software like Amazon Alexa so that users can request things such as outstanding rental balances just by asking for it. The potential is huge.


The perfect time to join us

While we might not be able to offer the life of the big corporate tech-firms, if you’re passionate about IT then we’ve got an awful lot happening that’s going to be a lot of fun.
We’re just starting our Cloud journey by rolling out Office 365, while we’re also looking at how we use platforms like Microsoft Azure and other cloud-based services.

We’re keen to introduce Dynamics 365 to move our CRM systems to the Cloud and we also want to improve collaboration by utilising some of the latest tools on the market such as Cisco Spark and Microsoft Teams.

With all of this taking place, we’re almost certainly looking at more IT opportunities at Radian this year as we’ll need more skills and expertise to get us to where we want to be.
So, if you have modern digital skills and are looking for a challenge that will make a difference to people’s lives then keep an eye on our website for vacancies over the coming months.