Time capsule found at Woolston School reburied 24 years on

Last week, we were delighted to rebury a time capsule that was found during the demolishment of Woolston School in 2017. Joining us for this special moment was Tom Moody and Tom Wallis from the Hampshire Homes Group, Councillor Warwick Payne and former pupils who once attended the school.

The time capsule, dating back over 24 years and originally buried in 1994, was discovered by the Hampshire Homes Group during work to build our award-winning Ashton Walk, a development of 15 three and four-bed homes and 35 one and two-bed apartments.

Audley Fraser was Head Boy during the original burial. He came along to help us rebury the time capsule on the site where the school once stood and was pleasantly surprised to find it contained one of his drawings. He said, “This is a fantastic moment and I am proud to be here to celebrate our history.” Also in attendance were former pupils, Katie Thompson and Marie Young.

Peter Evans, our Executive Director of Operations was also on hand to help rebury the time capsule and to give a speech. He said, “Ashton Walk is a great mixed tenure development, and we are delighted to invest in our local communities to deliver much-needed homes. I would like to say a huge thank you to Tom Moody and Tom Wallis from Hampshire Homes Group for working with us to provide these homes, and I would like to thank Cllr Payne, Audley, Katie and Marie for coming along to share memories and to celebrate the history of the site.”