Together we can end homelessness for good

Every day, we witness the most extraordinary and creative efforts across the country in response to this awful virus. From businesses that are reimagining their purpose and operating models to the awe-inspiring heroics of people like Colonel Tom.

It’s true that necessity is the mother of invention.

At Radian Group, we’ve been thinking hard about how we might take this opportunity to end homelessness for good.

How we could make an extraordinary and creative effort that would stop thousands of homeless people returning to life on the streets because the temporary accommodation that has been their home during the crisis is no longer available.

We’ve shared some proposals with our Board that evidence a commitment to end homelessness by making available our empty properties, repurposing redundant office buildings and creating ‘move-on’ accommodation on our development sites using modern methods of construction. But there’s only so much we can do on our own.

After more than 30 years in housing, what I love the most about working in this sector, is the huge potential for housing associations, developers, local authorities and government to make a difference, especially when we work together.  It never fails to amaze me or humble me.

I was encouraged by a recent event my organisation hosted with Altair, when housing sector chairs and non-executives came together to agree the foundation stone from which we should all operate: an absolute commitment that we should not go back to how things were before the crisis.

We talked about how we can help government to solve the homelessness crisis for good and how we can better use our resources. We agreed that we need to work together as a cohesive industry with a shared vision and offer to government. We concluded that we all share the same fundamental objective.

To seize this moment in time to end homelessness for good by engaging, enabling and empowering our communities.

There will be some who say it’s impossible, that it cannot be done.

I believe it can; if we work together and look creatively at how we can reuse our resources – our empty homes, our development sites, our office buildings and we all do our bit, it can be done. We have an amazing team who are constantly striving to help those without a home, and I want to thank them for their continued hard work and support. If others have such incredible people working with them too, then there’s no reason why we can’t make a difference.

Wouldn’t it be great if the one thing housing is remembered for after the crisis, is pulling together to end homelessness for good? What a legacy that would be.

If you want to work with us to help make this happen, please get in touch.

– Lindy Morgan, Radian Group, Chair of the Board