Volunteers’ Week 2020

Volunteers’ week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

During coronavirus, many volunteers are taking on new roles to help communities cope with the many consequences of the pandemic.

It’s more important than ever to recognise the fantastic volunteers who work across our communities, doing fantastic work not just in our current climate, but always.

We’ve put together some lovely quotes from our volunteers, collected over the past year.

“I’m learning new things all the time. I’ve trained as a Health Champion through the Men’s Activity Network and it’s increased my confidence in talking to people – men in particular – about their health both here in the café and at the cricket club.”– Sid, volunteer at Privett’s Pavillion

“After leaving the Royal Navy, I just wanted to give something back to the community. Writing gives people an opportunity to express themselves and helps to connect communities. I’m just pleased to be able to use my skills to support people’s health and wellbeing.” – Mark, volunteer who runs a writing group at Privett’s Pavillion

“Working at the café has increased my confidence and helped me to learn new skills, such as working on the till. I also made new friends and enjoyed the regular contact with people. I really felt like I was part of the café community.” – Cat, volunteer at the Roundabout Cafe

“I started helping out from the very beginning and enjoyed it. It’s given me company, support and new friends.” – Helen, Roundabout Cafe volunteer

“I’ve really enjoyed supporting the café with the other volunteers whilst Nigel is off, we have all been working as a team and helping each other out. I feel confident to be a the café without Nigel after being here for almost 6 years. Been having a real laugh with the customers, the workmen that have been visiting are really lovely, I love that they keep coming back. We are looking forward to having Nigel back though, we miss him. James has been a real godsend.” – Shirley, Roundabout Cafe volunteer

“They’ve done a great job, they are so organised, I really like that the volunteers have been running the café meaning that it can stay open.” – Hannah Colmer, Customer of Roundabout Cafe

“It’s been hard work without Nigel but I have really enjoyed it, I’ve ended up helping more than was originally planned because it’s a bonus gaining more experience and knowledge of how to run the café. Being at the café makes life really interesting for me, if I wasn’t here id just be sat at home playing computer games.” – James Tester, Roundabout Cafe volunteer

“I have enjoyed being left to it, being to show what experience I’ve gained, its helped me gain understanding of what else I can learn.” – Shantelle, Roundabout Cafe volunteer