We want to plant a smile on our customers faces

Strengthening the community

Who would have thought a lettuce could make such a difference to a person’s wellbeing. We are piloting our Good Grow Club (GGC) in Southampton and Gosport with the aim of improving community wellness.

Inspired by our award-winning Good Grub Club, the new project is similarly designed to stimulate healthy eating amongst the community; encouraging people to connect with food, the environment and with each other. Our project unites residents, local volunteer groups and businesses to grow their own fruit and vegetables from the comfort of their own home.

Not only does the GGC improve awareness on nature and the environment, but it is also likely to have a positive impact on our customers mental and physical wellbeing, creating stronger communities – making this a well-timed launch during the national lockdown.

What benefits the project has

The club run by Community Development Officers Barbara Cooke and Jess Pardy, offers an opportunity to eat well and feel healthier; benefiting everybody. The Good Grow Club aims to create connected communities who are thriving and self-efficient; equipped to create prosperous environments that support those around them to ultimately live happier and healthier lives.

We are kickstarting the project on a small scale by supplying residents with lettuce seeds to sow for their first harvest at home.

The purpose of the Good Grow Club is to brighten residents’ days at home during the national lockdown, giving them hope and a sense of achievement at a time where their daily routines are restricted, due to circumstances outside of their control.

We want to plant a smile on our customers faces and encourage feedback to help us grow this project, lettuce know if you’re interested in getting involved.