Why Gas Safety Week is so important

On Monday 16 to Friday 20 September it was  Gas Safety Week, a campaign that sees organisations from across the UK working together to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances.

As a housing provider and landlord, gas safety is one of Radian’s highest priorities.

I manage Radian’s gas department, including a team of service managers, managing the work schedulers and gas administration team. We have a team of 36 engineers that carry out our gas maintenance and associated services.

Radian has supported Gas Safety Week for many years; it’s led by Gas Safe – the governing body for the industry – and there is a range of organisations involved, including most housing associations.

Every year we support the campaign, reaching customers through social media and our website. Frontline staff also actively talk to our customers about gas safety.

Keeping communities safe

We get behind Gas Safety Week so that people understand why they need to have their gas checked on a yearly basis, as well as the risks associated with not doing it. It is crucial to carry out this annual service so we can detect any faults and make sure the property is gas-safe and compliant. We’re not only protecting our customers, but also the properties and the people living in close proximity to those properties.

Because safety is such a serious issue, if residents are reluctant to provide access to their home we will apply for a court junction to grant access – safety is our highest priority and we want customers to understand this too.

Raising awareness

So, this week we’re telling customers that they must engage with us and we must check their property to make sure it is gas-safe. We always see a spike in customer engagement at this time of year, but it’s not just about a “quick hit”, it’s about developing ongoing awareness making sure your aware of risks of unsafe gas work.

I’m really pleased that over the last two months, we visited every property that was due for a service, giving us a 100% compliancy record. We’re continually monitoring our gas services and looking at how we can communicate with customers and make the process straightforward for them.

Duty of care

Anyone who has the obligation to keep properties safe, and therefore the occupants within them, have a duty of care and that’s why we have to take it so seriously.

If underestimated or poorly maintained, this can be a life-threatening issue, and that’s why you must have an annual service.

– Jasbir Sohal, Gas Servicing and Repairs Manager