World Café event – Swaythling
World Café Event
Saturday 15 February 2pm – 4pm.
Swaythling Neighbourhood Centre
Refreshments available


Mutual Gain, Hampshire Constabulary, Radian and a range of other local organisations and community members are working together to understand why violent crime occurs and what can be done about it in Swaythling, Southampton.

However, we can’t achieve this without you. This World Café event is a chance to talk with your neighbours, the police and other involved partners about what you think will help reduce crime in your community.

You have knowledge, insight, expertise and ideas about preventing crime that we want to hear.

This is why we want your help to understand:

Come and join in a conversation with your neighbours, enjoy the refreshments and make a difference for your community. After the World Café the police and other agencies will be looking to support the building of new community schemes based upon what has been said.

The first 100 people to register for the World Cafe and participate on the day will receive a £10 Love to Shop voucher as a thank you for your time.

We really want to get young people to come along to the event so why not bring someone along who has a different insight into violent crime?

You can register your attendance by sending your name and postcode to


What is a World Café event?

World Cafés are a great way to get conversations started.

The event is set up like a cafe, with lots of small tables of approximately 4-5 people and refreshments. Participants then have a series of conversations with different groups of people. (How often have you solved the problems of the world over a conversation at a cafe!?)

Each table will be given a topic to discuss relating to the main aim of the session. The discussion is given a time limit and, once time is up, people move to new tables and begin a different discussion relating to the main topic.

World Cafés are an inclusive group process that values everybody’s contribution. Everyone is encouraged to jot ideas down and continue conversations as you make your way around the tables.

World Cafés are a chance to:


Why are we running a World Café event?

Adopting a community led, and problem-solving approach is key to achieving a reduction in crime.

Hampshire Constabulary recently secured funding from the Home Office Serious Violence Fund. The funding aims to:

The World Café acts as a way to bring together the community to find solutions which will build resilience and the social capital needed in the Swaythling community to help reduce crime.

Social capital is the relationships and networks that local people can draw upon to make a positive difference in society.